We Are the Solution:
Amazing World of EcoSmart Homes

Residential electricity consumption makes up to 24% of the greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. The production of water and treatment of waste water account for another 3-4% of Greenhouse Gas Emissions.  You can calculate your carbon footprint here: http://coolclimate.berkeley.edu/carboncalculator

After calculating your footprint they will offer some solutions to help reduce your footprint.  Simple changes can help to reduce our overall carbon footprint thereby creating a more stable lifestyle for generations to come.  By building sustainable lifestyles we can be part of that solution.  An enormous amount of energy and resources go into building structures in the first place, it does not make sense to then have the structure require enormous amounts of energy to function properly for maintaining climatic control and comfort.

Through 2019, residential installers of solar and other renewable energy can get up to a 30% tax rebate on the amount of installation.  You can find out more information here:https://www.energy.gov/savings/residential-renewable-energy-tax-credit   The nice thing about the tax rebate is that if the rebate is more than your tax owed this year, you can carry it over to the next year.  You have to act fast because the rebate is scaled back in 2019 and 2020.