Product / Service Categories

Sustainable Housing

We build off-grid and on-grid sustainable housing.  We go beyond net-zero housing and build in water conservation and productive landscaping.  Think of the home as being a nano grid, that produces its own energy and water.  We start with a highly insulated building and tight envelope that reduces thermal bridging.  We build in greywater at a minimum and catch water if necessary and desired.  The homes are designed to be ADA accessible in one bedroom and bathroom.  Choose from one of our floorpans, but customize your wants and needs to accommodate your budget.

Homes to Provide a Legacy

Net-Zero Housing for Habitat

Net-Zero housing is a start to building sustainably.  This home was designed by our volunteer Quintus3D, and built by Habitat for Humanity in Wisconsin.  A resident in these homes receives a $40/month check from the utility company for producing more energy than consumed.