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We are a group of passionate professionals helping to promote sustainable lifestyles. Shelter, food, water and energy are necessities and we want them to be healthy and sustainable for you and your communities. 



To Improve the quality of life for humanity and our world by creating sustainable lifestyles.


To impact our lived experience by providing alternative solutions to building better lives through healthy lifestyles, education, awareness, and sustainable homes.


What We Do:

Educating on Sustainability and resiliency


Clean Energy

We will not achieve the Paris Agreement goals without addressing how our structures are built.  Energy efficiency can be reached in multiple ways and we need to designing to resiliency standards now to survive the extreme weather conditions.


Clean Water

Access to Water is a human right, yet in the state of California alone there are more than a million people living without access to running water.


Clean Food

70% of nutrition is what you put in your mouth.  You cannot out exercise a bad diet. With a majority of Americans living in food deserts access to fresh fruits and vegetables is limited and out of reach for many.

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Sustainable Living, Modern Comfort

JackRabbit Homes embraces EcoSmart principles, harnessing environmental resources to build homes that prioritize both the planet and your convenience. Our automated technology seamlessly integrates modern-day comfort into every eco-friendly design, ensuring a harmonious blend of innovation and sustainability in your new home.



Homes designed to take care of the homeowner by producing energy, water and food with our off-grid or grid-tie systems


Our systems are designed to utilize the environmental resources, while automated technology gives you modern day convenience.

Protects Your Legacy

We design to be Hurricane Resistant, 4-hour Fire Resistant, Bullet Resistant, and equipped with a water conservation system.

Effortless Convenience

JackRabbit Homes harmonizes environmental sustainability with modern ease. Experience the perfect blend of green living and automated convenience in every home design.

Our solutions

#Be The Solution

to sustainable lifestyles. Promoting holistic approaches to community building.

clean tech

Deploying clean energy, Water and Food

Whether you are looking to incorporate solar on a residential or commercial project, or start a regenerative agriculture project, we have a network of experienced professionals who can help you achieve your goals

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Cleaner energy
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Rainwater Harvesting for Water Conservation

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