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Consider an EcoSmart home (or other ecofriendly models) as an option and building with JackRabbit.  We will work with you through the process and connect you to available resources to help you become a homeowner.  Think the idea is cool?  Consider sharing it with your family and friends or someone who may be in need of a home.


Our solutions

#Be The Solution

to sustainable lifestyles. Promoting holistic approaches to community building.


Homes designed to take care of the homeowner by producing energy, water and food with our off-grid or grid-tie systems


Our systems are designed to utilize the environmental resources, while automated technology gives you modern day convenience.

Protects Your Legacy

These homes are Hurricane Resistant, 4-hour Fire Resistant, Bullet Resistant, and equipped with a water conservation system.

Effortless Convenience

JackRabbit Homes harmonizes environmental sustainability with modern ease. Experience the perfect blend of green living and automated convenience in every home design.

JackRabbit Homes Requirements for Participation

  • Must have land to build on, can be either a homesite lease, an allotment, or fee land

  • Must be willing to work with JackRabbit Homes through sweat equity, either building or if unable to, contributing in some other way to the construction of your home and others

  • Must be willing to also participate in education in areas such as financial, home maintenance, horticulture, nutrition and cooking

  • Must be willing and able to pay an affordable mortgage to support the revolving equity


To Improve the quality of life for humanity and our world by creating sustainable lifestyles.


To impact our lived experience by providing alternative solutions to building better lives through healthy lifestyles, education, awareness, and sustainable homes.


Selection Criteria

JackRabbit Homes is designed to work within the situations that have previously caused barriers for people to build homes in Indian Country such as lack of infrastructure, bad credit, inconsistent employment, and the reality that if you are living day to day and struggling to get by now, then saving for a down payment is almost impossible, so it should be a backend payment and not a frontend cost. We are investing in people and the community, therefore, our selection criteria focuses on the willingness of the individual to invest in themselves and work hard, while empowering them to achieve their goals and overcome the obstacles.

In the Case of Delinquent Payments

In life we all have our ups and downs and sometimes we face financial difficulties. JackRabbit Homes will work with families to assist you in maintaining the home through either a direct work exchange, forbearance, or other arrangements that can be negotiated before seeking to evict. We are here to help you through the challenges that life may present.

Our Team

Board Members


Emery McCabe

Secretary of BOD

Managing Attorney at DNA, People’s Legal Services, Chinle Office. Mr. McCabe was the General Counsel for Navajo Nation Housing Authority for almost 8 years.

Carl Artman,


Artman Law, LLC. Mr. Artman is a former Bush appointed Assistant Secretary-Indian Affairs, in the Department of the Interior. He is a professor at the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law.

John-William (J.W.) Frye

Strategic development professional supporting communities, organizations and individuals committed to equitable change.


Wilbert Young

CEO at Greater Northern Community Investment Group

He first African-American Mayor of Wilkinsburg, PA from 1998-2005. He has worked with Community Development Corporations, (CDCs) for over thirty years.

Our Team

Advisory Council

We are currently seeking new Advisory Council members to participate in sharing their insights, wisdom, and solutions for making a better world

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